Instabilities in contracted mode of atmospheric pressure argon CCP
DBD Plasma Jet to the Head
Plasma Discahrge in Methane Reformer
Measurements of Vibrational and Rotational Temperatures in Microplasmas
Optical Emission Spectroscopy for Elements Detection in Liquids in Femtoliter Analyte Volumes
Pulse Plasma Discharge in Biofluid Using Nanoscale Electrodes (discharge size is 3 micron in diameter)
Localized Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Pulsed Micro-Coronas in Liquids
DBD Jet acting on Cow's Kidney in a Example of Wound Sealing
Testing of 1mm Dense Plasma Focus in Glow mode
Alpha-gamma transition in an atmospheric pressure RF CCP
Scaling of Hydrogen Atmospheric Pressure Microplasmas
Floating Electrode Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Jet Acting on Finger
Plasma Discharge On Carbon Nano-tubes Dispersed in Water and Subject to Pulsed Electric Field
Solid carbon oxides (simmilar to carbon suboxide C3O2) formed in a carbon monoxide DBD discharge
Atmospheric Pressure Air Microplasma (0.5 mm electrode spacing)


Microwave Reformer

DBD Plasma Jet

Discharges Between Water Droplets in Oil




Texas A&M - Mechanical Engineering - Plasma Engineering and Diagnostics Laboratory - David Staack