Current Team Members

David Staack:

Assistant Professor & Principal Investigator: Current research interests include plasma engineering applications of micro- and nano- scale plasmas at various pressures and in various liquids, novel plasma discharges and flow diagnostics.

For more information on Dr. Staack visit his personal web page here.

Robert Geiger
Masters Student: Investigating solid carbon-oxide formation in plasmas (C3O2) & Liquid phase plasma reforming of oils.
William Pollard
Doctoral Student: Experimantally investigating microscale dense plasma focus. Coadvised by Andrew Duggelby.

Kunpeng Wang

Harika Damarla

Peng Xiao

Matthew Burnette

Nicholas Gawloski

John Lassalle

Xin Tang

Patricia Suzuki

Kenneth Evans


Prior Team Members

Grant Gaalema
Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student: Working on particle and discharge dynamics of water droplet and charged particle in oils.
Aditya Chitre
Masters Student - Graduating in Dec. 2010 worked on microplasmas at high pressure and optical emission spectroscopy
Sreekar Parami
Masters Student - Graduating in Dec. 2010 worked on microscale reformers for efficient conversion of methane into ethylene.
Dr. Michael Martin
Mechanical Engineering PhD Student ('14 grad): Looking into ion separation and plume modeling of magnetic rocket nozzles. Co-advised by Thomas Lalk.
Ben Carpenter
Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student: Put together our microscale Dense Plasma Focus Facility
Wayne Maxwell
Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student: Webpage Designer & Director of the Darth Vader - Plasma Jet Video
Jiten Thakkar

Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Student:: Setting up a magnetic nozzle experiment

Frans Ebersohn
Aerospace Engineering Masters Student: Setting up origional water droplets in oil experiment - now moved on to a project with Sharath Girimaji.
Dr. Tsung-Chan "Cliff" Tsai
Doctoral Student ('13 Grad): Investigating Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition on People, Plasma Sterilization & Atmospheric Pressure Thin Film Deposition

Stephen Slavens

Kalissa Adkins

Pinjia Ming

Kenneth Briggs

Hilary Lumpkins

Andrew Nelson

Jack Reid

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