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General Information

Plasma Science and Technology

This website represents all aspects of plasmas and plasma science. It provides information on the implications and applications of plasmas and their research through explanation of the fundamental basics. The readers of this webpage will benefit greatly by going here.

Coalition for Plasma Science

The Coalition for Plasma Science is a group of institutions, organizations, and companies that have joined forces to increase awareness and understanding of plasma science and its many benefits for society.


Directory of Plasma Conferences

This is a listing of plasma science conferences is sponsored by the Plasma Science and Applications Committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is intended to inform the plasma research community of relevant professional meetings.


University Research Groups

Drexel Plasma Institute

The Drexel Plasma Institute is one of the alma mater research center for Dr. Staack and the Texas A&M Plasma Engineering and Diagnostic Lab. We are very familiar with their work and discuss and collaborate
on several projects with them mostly in the area of non-thermal plasma
applications in medicine. Please check out their interesting research projects.

Princeton Hall Thruster Experiment

This is a research page that goes in depth into a particular area of plasma research, studying a Hall Thruster.  HTX at PPPL is the other alma mater research center for the Dr. Staack and TAMU-PEDL. If readers are interested in the next generation of propulsion systems for space travel then this is the website for them. If you would like to know more about electric propulsion please contact us

The Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

The DOE Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is a Collaborative National Center for plasma and fusion science. Its primary mission is to develop the scientific understanding and the key innovations, which will lead to an attractive new energy source. This energy source is what we know as fusion power.

Center for Microplasmas

The Center for Microplasma Science & Technology (CMST) at Saint Peter's College (SPC) is a designated Center of Excellence (CoE) and the National laboratory for advanced research and development in microplasmas.


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My brother John Staack is a woodworker and if your interested in fine furnitute, woodworking or classes please visit the StaackMoore Woodworking Site.
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